Volunteers are at the very heart of Mind Bubble’s work with students. All of our tutors and workshop facilitators are volunteer community members who care about young people and want them to have great learning experiences – like you!

We know that there is no limit to the positive impact a caring adult can have on a young person’s life. Whether you guide them through a tricky math problem, help them revise an English essay, teach them about a topic you’re passionate about during a workshop, or just sit down and play a game with them – you have the potential to make a huge difference in somebody’s life!

In order to begin working with students, you must first complete a volunteer orientation. At orientation, you’ll learn more about Mind Bubble and how we approach our work with young people. We’ll also conduct a background check. After that, you’ll be ready to go!

If you’re interested in volunteering with Mind Bubble, please contact Charity Ivey (Iveyc@dekalblibrary.org) at the DeKalb Library.