Volunteer FAQ

What is Mind Bubble?

  • Mind Bubble is a nonprofit organization that fosters a love of learning by connecting students with community members through free tutoring, workshops, and games. We strive to create a relaxed learning environment where many of life’s most important lessons can be learned while having fun.

Whom does Mind Bubble serve?

  • Most of our students are from Dekalb County, but we welcome any student in grades 4-10 in the metro Atlanta area! Our students are diverse in age, socio-economic status, and academic standing.

When and where are Mind Bubble’s tutoring sessions?

  • During the school year, we tutor from 6:15 – 8:15 PM on Wednesdays and from 2:00 – 4:00 PM on Sundays.

How do I sign up to become a tutor with Mind Bubble?

  • Click on this link and scroll down to sign up to become a tutor!

Do I need a background check to become a tutor?

  • Yes. Upon registering as a tutor and completing a brief orientation, we will ask your permission to conduct a background check. This is standard practice for anyone volunteering with minors.

What if I don’t feel comfortable tutoring in certain subjects?

  • That is entirely normal and totally fine! Each of our tutors has subjects with which they feel stronger, and we aim to accommodate these preferences. However, we make sure that our staff/tutors on site are comfortable working in all subjects and will be available and happy to assist!

Will I work with the same student each week?

  • We try to keep tutorial pairs together, so long as they have had success in the past. However, because tutors and tutees can vary each session, we cannot guarantee the same pairs.

What if I cannot attend a tutoring session I already signed up for?

  • It’s ok! We understand that unexpected things pop up, often at inconvenient times. All we ask is that you give us a heads up email before the session at admin@mindbubble.org.

How do the tutoring sessions normally work?

  • Once students are paired with a tutor, they will work on whatever the student has brought for the day. Once the homework is finished, our students and tutors play a myriad of board games with others who have also finished their work! 

What if I don’t know how to play one of the games?

  • Don’t worry– we’ll teach you!! Almost all of our tutors have been exposed to new and different games they had never played before, and giving a student you’ve just tutored the chance to teach you a brand new board game can help improve their self-confidence and comfort level with you as their tutor.