The First Two Weeks

A lot has happened in the world of Mind Bubble since our last update. The most exciting news, of course, is that we’ve just wrapped up our second weekly tutoring session! There were several things we thought would be true before our first tutoring session – we thought our tutors would be brilliant, engaging, and friendly. We thought our students would be passionate, energetic, and caring. And we thought that pairing each student with one of our tutors would result in magic. Two weeks in, we’re happy to report that we now know all of these things to be true. Tutors and students have been hard at work successfully tackling difficult topics like math, earth science, and language arts. We’ve also had the chance to play a few board and card games after tutoring (Both Apples to Apples and Set appear to be favorites among our students).


As word about Mind Bubble has spread, our numbers have grown since our first tutoring session, which was attended by two dedicated students. We now have so many students indicating interest weekly that we’ve had to implement an advance registration system so that we can be sure that we have enough tutors to accommodate all of our students. We’d like to one day be able to help all students who drop by, but, at the moment, the number of available tutors and the tutoring space we have at Challenges Games and Comics limit the number of students we can see every week. If you are interested in registering your student, please sign up for our email list, and you’ll be sent a weekly registration link that will allow you to sign your student up for tutoring that week. Our tutoring slots are first come, first served, but we do give preference to returners and families who have been on the waitlist for several weeks.


We’d just like to end by thanking all of those who have made these first two weeks of tutoring so successful: the fantastic, generous tutors who donate their time to help our students; Challenges, which provides a welcoming environment for our tutoring sessions; our delightful students, who show up ready to work hard; and the dedicated parents who do so much for their children. Thank you all for all that you do, and we look forward to making the Mind Bubble experience even better for all involved in the weeks and months to come!

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