Interested in Free Tutoring?

Summer has fully taken hold! The days are hot, waves are crashing at the beach, and it’s a great time for family board games! I’ve gotten my family hooked on a deduction-based party game called Spyfall – I heartily recommend it to anyone looking to fill the long summer days with a family-friendly activity!

In addition to some great summer beach-going and gaming, Mind Bubble has also been busy creating social media sites in preparation for our launch this fall. Please feel free to take a gander at our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! We’ll start posting to these accounts as we get closer to our first session in September.

Finally, importantly, are you interested in signing your student up for Mind Bubble tutoring this fall? Head on over to our sign up page and complete our interest survey! We’ll keep you in the loop and send you the link to our first-ever registration event in September!

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